Cacho creates each of its products with a style that reflects a mix of cultures.  The nature of Patagonia, the strength of the culture of Buenos Aires and the harmony of the Italian design: a story to tell and give life to each product in a unique way.
Cacho provides an out-of-ordinary answering, a challenging message in each of its products. With an ironic attitude, the brand shows up its bond to a tangible reality and a conscious vision of the context.
Within the brand there are several product lines where the central axis is to provide originality and good taste, a whole range of genuine goods to discover.



Always in the research of new materials to work with and continue growing in this beautiful path. At the moment, I am experimenting with biomaterials in order to create a new BIO line inside the brand in a near future.
My latest discovery is a non-toxic, water-based resin with high resistance that promises extremely long-lasting products that, with the necessary care, will join you for many years. This generous material generates zero scrap. This great caracteristic is due to its ability to merge with itself and generate new pieces from others already dry.


I believe that design is a synonym of uniqueness, personality, expression. If you are seeking innovation, a cool product for your home or to make a present for a special person, this is what I can do for you: I design custom-made creations, enhancing the value of interior design in all kinds of environments.

The made-to-measure design service reveals my profound capacity to create while fulfilling my customers’ needs and wishes.