Cacho builds its foundations in an industrial design whose style is influenced by the different Argentinian cities and scenarios in which the designer has lived: Patagonia vs. Buenos Aires, nature vs. cement, harmony vs. chaos. Years later, the brand strengthens its identity as a result of the smash with a new context: Italy.
Today, the stimulation of the Italian design with the Patagonian essence and the Buenos Aires’ art and architecture result in a mix of cultures: a story to tell and give life to each product in a unique way.
Cacho provides an out-of-ordinary answering, a challenging message in each of its products. With an ironic attitude, the brand shows up its bond to a tangible reality and a conscious vision of the context. This vow to the customers is the reflection of a deep and committed look to reality.
Within the brand there are several product lines where the central axis is to provide originality and good taste. From a set of shiny lamps for brilliant personalities, wooden boards and funny planters to weekly cubes that give an unconventional grace to interior houses. Cacho offers a whole range of genuine goods to discover.



Born in the 90s in Patagonia, Argentina; Sol Donnini, has graduated as an Industrial Designer at the University of Buenos Aires, a public university with strong feeling of rock and roll.
During her development as a professional, she forged her values and convictions: the caring for the environment and how material waste can be reduced/revalued. This led to a more socially focused concern: which is the role of designers in the society?
In 2018, she started her trip to the old continent in the search of expanding her horizons as a designer. Already in Italy, she worked in different collaborations in which interesting exchanges of optics emerged and put her in context: the Italian design. This new information, mixed with her previous bases from Argentina, caused an explosion of creativity that pushed Sol Donnini open her wings to create Cacho.