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1. Choose the set of products.
2. Choose the colors for the products.
3. Choose the card. What do you want to write on it?
4. Done! Where are we sending the box?

[Write in the checkout notes the numbers of color and card chosen. Contact us for more information.]


  • SET 1
    Material jesmonite.
    Approximate weight 545 gr.*
    Dimensions cm.7×7 h.7 *

    Material jesmonite.
    Approximate weight 260 gr.*
    Dimensions cm ø 6,5 h.9,5 | Hole: ø 5*


  • SET 2
    Material jesmonite.
    Approximate weight 850 gr.*
    Dimensions cm 23×4,5 h.6*


    Material jesmonite.
    Approximate weight 260 gr.*
    Dimensions cm ø 6,5 h.9,5 | Hole: ø 5*


  • SET 3
    Material jesmonite.
    Approximate weight 375 gr *
    Dimensions cm 9×10 h.9 | hole cm 5×6 *

    Material concrete.
    Weight & width variate in each letter.
    Dimensions h.5 cm, depth 2 cm*


  • SET 4
    Material jesmonite.
    Approximate weight 322 gr *
    Dimensions cm 18×9,5 h.1,6*

    Material jesmonite.
    Approximate weight 273 gr *
    Dimensions cm ø7,5 h.6,5*


  • SET 5
    Material jesmonite.
    Approximate weight 1114 gr*
    Dimensions cm ø9 h.9,5*
    Lightbulb included

    Material jesmonite.
    Approximate weight 116 gr gr *
    Dimensions cm ø11 h.1*


  • Personalization
    If you want to create a customized gift box, get in touch and we will respond as soon as possible: or use the chat button to speak directly on whatsapp.


  • About the material:
    is a non-toxic, water-based resin with high resistance that promises extremely long-lasting products. This interesting material has the ability to melt with itself, so if a piece does not pass the quality test, I cut it into smaller pieces to use them in new castings. In this way, I generate zero scrap.
    Water & heat resistant.

    *dimensions and weight can variate a little as this are handmade products.

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